Speaking Topics

The authors of ScenarioSelling are available to speak on the following topics. Call ScenarioNow Inc.’s corporate sales office (815-986-8380) for more information.

  • Stretch IRA: Save your IRA from the IRS
  • Long-Term Care: Protect your retirement
  • Retirement Income Planning: How do I get a paycheck in retirement?
  • Retirement Expense Planning: What lifestyle can I afford?
  • Investment Planning: The flaw of averages
  • Wealth Planning: Balancing tradeoffs in retirement
  • Living in Retirement: 3 financial questions everyone asks
  • Inflation: The new millionaire – what’s required?
  • Estate Planning: Save your family, not just your assets
  • Charitable Planning: Pick your charity … or the IRS will pick it for you!
  • Family Gifting: Family gifting strategies that work
  • College Planning: Paying for school without breaking the bank
  • Business Succession: The final test of greatness
  • Retirement Planning: Winning the retirement game
  • Lifestyle Planning: Do’s and don’ts of being downsized
  • Annuities: Why annuities should be part of every retirement plan
  • College Planning: 529 plans – tax smart college planning
  • Trusts: Why do I need a trust if I’m not rich?
  • Retirement Planning: The two sides of retirement
  • Retirement Planning: Are you ready for the ‘after’ life? (life after work)
  • Investment Planning: Types of risk and how to manage them
  • Life Insurance: How much life insurance do I really need?
  • Retirement Planning: The e-list – five obstacles to a secure retirement
  • Tax Planning: Tax smart investment planning
  • Wealth Planning : Managing sudden wealth
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