Patrick J. Sullivan, MBA is CEO of ScenarioNow Inc. He has an MBA in Financial Planning and 18 years of production, marketing, sales, and management experience in the insurance, banking, and pharmaceutical industries. Mr. Sullivan has extensive experience in sales training and expert skills in software development, project management, and use. He is the author of ScenarioNow Inc.’s RetireNow™ and WealthScenarios™ software programs: visual interactive planning (VIP) tools designed for financial service sales professionals. Contact Patrick Sullivan.

Dr. David L Lazenby, PhD is President of ScenarioNow Inc. He is a licensed psychologist with a PhD in performance psychology. Dr. Lazenby has guided Fortune 100 executives, professional athletes, sales professionals, leaders of privately held businesses, and U.S. Navy SEALs and pilots for over 15 years. His mission: fine-tuning their already exceptional performance. Dr. Lazenby is an expert in simulation, systems thinking, and scenario planning who works to take psychology from academic theory to the real world as a “human technology.” Contact David Lazenby.

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