About ScenarioNow

ScenarioNow Inc. is a sales-process consulting firm.

We have spent over 10 years developing the tools, process, and theories behind the creation and implementation of a patent-pending sales process called Scenario Selling which is imbedded into our series of ‘Sales Flight Simulators™’ including RetireNow and WealthScenarios.

Our services include a wide range of activities organized around improving marketing, sales, and service effectiveness: including assessments, process re-design, sales training programs, coaching, and recruiting/hiring.

Our products include consulting, coaching, software, and sales training which are used by professional salespeople for prospecting and selling. Each ScenarioNow ‘product line’ consists of software, seminars, and sales tools organized around client problems/decisions that create opportunities for sales professionals.

We offer retail and customized software programs that are used to simulate possible scenarios, helping clients and salespeople navigate through difficult decisions. Our software programs utilize an advanced hybrid of desktop and Internet technologies that make it easy to use, deploy, service, up-sell, and customize.

We are open to partnerships with software companies that are interested in enhancing the “scenario ability” of their programs.

We offer opportunity to license our tools, process, and/or content.

Exclusivity opportunities exist in branding, products, industry segments, and geographic markets.

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