RetireNow Wealth Planning Software

RetireNow™ Wealth Planning software helps you navigate your client through the complexities of retirement planning.

In just one meeting, you can gather the comprehensive data you need about your client’s estate while having a meaningful discussion and dialogue on a wide range of planning options and solutions. In a single meeting you will be able to identify your client’s most important issues and demonstrate to them a wide range of possible financial solutions.

RetireNow software works the way that clients think by providing just-in-time insights and answers. With our products, you actually collaborate in real time with the client to create a comprehensive financial plan. Clients build confidence in the decisions that will shape their future by their participation in this process.

RetireNow Overview

Purpose. RetireNow is a power tool for wealth-planning. It is specifically designed to help clients with the difficult decisions they face when balancing retirement, estate, and investment decisions.

Focus. RetireNow is designed for use with clients between $500,000 and $10 million net worth. It can be used for general financial planning, but the calculations and presentations are optimized for the wealth market. Why this group? They own over 80% of the investable wealth in the US. The problems and concerns they have are different than people saving for retirement. We recognized this and designed RetireNow to help specifically address their issues.

Function. It is designed for use in front of clients. The intent was to help advisors illustrate graphic scenarios in real time using a computer and a large screen projector. But the range and depth of calculations also make it powerful as a back-room tool if someone chooses to use it that way.

Key Features

Ease of Use. The team that created it includes financial advisors, psychologists, and technology experts. The intent was to build a powerful program that was easy for advisors to use and for clients to understand. RetireNow was built using principles of interaction design, and a leading edge approach to making technology more usable.

Range of Analysis. RetireNow’s patent pending design delivers the most powerful “what-if” engine available in the industry. It integrates components of retirement planning, investment planning, estate planning, and insurance to allow financial professionals to model a wide range of financial scenarios for clients. RetireNow allows you to view the immediate results of “what-if” type scenarios, including the impact on net worth, income, and wealth transfer of:

  • Changes in spending and lifestyle
  • Gifting
  • Cash versus asset gifts
  • Variable returns on investments
  • Changes in asset types and ownership, including family trust
  • Life insurance
  • Many others…

Depth of Analysis. RetireNow offers three levels of detail, including the ability to make year-to-year changes on individual assets Its unique design lets you see results of changes in any variable on any graph. For example, picture the impact of changes in spending of gifting on net worth. This design allows clients and advisors to move beyond simple cause and effect and see the ripple effect of changes on a client’s entire plan.

Interactive Charts & Graphs. Make changes and see effects immediately on twenty (20) charts and over forty (40) detailed reports for net worth, retirement income, wealth transfer, asset allocation, asset ownership, and insurance.

Web-enabled Design. RetireNow uses web technologies inside the software to enhance its look and functionality of the program. You can access web pages and resources without ever leaving the program.

Customizable Content. There are three customizable sections (Home, Solutions, and Forms). You can quickly change these sections or add your own content to meet the needs of your clients and practice without incurring expensive programming charges.

Presentation Tools. RetireNow is designed for visual presentation to clients, making it an ideal tool for seminars and prospecting as well as selling. Several slideshows are included. Additional slideshows are available from ScenarioNow Inc. Click HERE for additional slideshows.


RetireNow benefits both the client and the advisor:

  • You can gather comprehensive data about your client’s estate in a very non-threatening, engaging way that encourages discussion and dialogue and helps identify the client’s most important issues.
  • The multimedia interface encourages discussion between the decision-makers involving them in creating their own solutions and building greater commitment for action.
  • RetireNow increases your sales effectiveness and efficiency. You spend LESS time providing your clients MORE information and a BETTER service. It helps you see more clients and make more money.
  • RetireNow provides a broad range of analysis without having to buy additional add-on modules.
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